Socund Unte

Drama Director

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Second Unit Director

Studying filmmaking together then creating the credits and visual effects of all her brilliant TV drama series and most of her movies, established great confidence and harmony between myself and distinguished director and friend Kamla Abu Zekri which led her to entrust to myself many influential sequences of the big hit TV comedy series 100 Wesh. Being fundamental in making this highly successful comedy that became a model for TV comedy in the MENA region is a great proudness.

This was the first dramatic work to be directed by Attia Amin. It resonated extremely well with the public, as well as at an artistic level.

Second Unit Director

Apart from directing the opening credits, color-grading and supervising the post-production process, director Kamla Abu Zekri assigned Attia to direct a number of critical and influential scenes in this legendary drama.


Second Unit Director

Legendary director Mohamed Yassin assigned Attia to direct a number of pivotal scenes containing visual effects in this drama in addition to his general supervision work of the post-production process and color grading.